We just got home from our week in Sand Hollow UT. What a fun time wheeling in such a beautiful place with wonderful friends. It was a bit chilly for me since AZ was in the 70’s, but such a fun time!! My brother in law and sister in law from MN drove in to spend the week with us and we all had a blast! Many of the photos on my site and IG are from my sister in law Angie. She take such beautiful pictures!! If you get the chance to visit Sand Hollow, do it! There is a wide range of trails out on Sand Mountain and you too can learn to drive across the sand dunes (a skill I do not naturally possess!). I got to run The Maze again and this is definitely my favorite trail out there (at least for now). Even though a fellow Jeeper rolled his Jeep on “Swiss cheese Hill” the bypass to “Ya’ gotta’ Be Nuts” it was still a great day!
We also got to run Milt’s Mile for the first time. What a fun trail with lots of options to customize the difficulty to suit your taste. I tried “Middle Monkey” and was not able to get up. I did however get to bring some oil which continued to smoke the rest of that day. I understand it’s not that big of a deal, but the check engine light and smoke were a bit alarming.
We ran ‘Wayne’s World” with some friends and had a great time. Ended up doing the Chute at the end, and our slightly crazy friend Aaron (@squatchontherocks) Went up the chute backwards! He was fine, but I was a nervous wreck!!
Our last trail day we ran Triple 7’s. It was an eventful day! Our friend Chuck Converse let me try driving his Jeep-equipped with the Atlas transfer case and a manual. I have been waiting for one to be available for my JLU and really wanted to try it out. He was very generous and it was fun driving his rig!! He also spotted a broken bolt on my lower control arm and was able to find a replacement one to help hole me together. He and some other friends escorted us safely off the trail and we were able to get a new bolt/nut for my Jeep at the Ace Hardware in Hurricane. If he hadn’t caught it when he did it could have been really bad.
Our week went by way too fast and we’re already hoping to get back out to Sand Hollow again this year for more fun!!