In December 2023 I flopped my Jeep on Twister Trail in Sand Hollow, UT. I was fine (thanks to my Genright Offroad Cage and my PRP Seats seats and harnesses). There was a decent amount of damage to my passenger side doors, windshield surround, hood, fenders, sliders, doors and freedom panels and hardtop. I chose to go trough insurance and took my Jeep to Troy’s Custom in Ivins, UT to do the work. They were wonderful! They let me work with upgraded parts (I paid the difference between what stock parts would cost and what the upgraded parts cost) and a new paint color. My Jeep was black from the factory and had a tiffany blue vinyl wrap. The original plan was to paint it back to black and then get it re-wrapped. But a friend suggested checking too see how much it would cost to just have my Jeep permanently painted aqua. Troys worked with me and allowed us to pay the difference to paint my Jeep aqua. Finding the right paint was a challenge but the team at Ideal Industries helped me find the perfect color. The final results were so worth the weeks apart and the effort sourcing and coordinating parts. I absolutely LOVE how she turned out!! Here is a photo my friend Tom Patterson got of her on Pritchett.

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