We just got home from 9 days in Moab UT. Wow! What a week! We went to EJS last year and really enjoyed it. But we are still new to Jeeping and didn’t know that many people last year. This year was jam packed with seeing old friends, making new ones and hitting some beautiful trails! If you were able to attend you know that the weather was a bit crazy! Gusting winds, cold weather and even snow!! Completely unexpected, and for this AZ girl, a bit uncomfortable !! ­čśë We had the privilege of attending the Bunny Run this year, sponsored by Dynatrac, as well as Bubba Rope and Fallen Tires. What a fun day on Steel Bender! The highlight had to be dragon’s tail (the big drop) and being kept safe by 4 men holding the strap! LOL! That was a first! But it was comforting to know they’d keep me from rolling down the mountain should something go awry!

We got to visit with a lot of great companies at the Expo, enjoyed wheeling Metal Masher, Steel Bender, Flat Iron Mesa, and the Pickle with good friends. But another highlight was getting my Sunrider for Hardtop installed by the wonderful people of Bestop! I love it! It’s so easy to open and close, and no more freedom panels to lug around!! It was so cold I didn’t get to open it as much as I had hoped in Moab, but Sunday it was beautiful, so I got to enjoy it all day!

Our finale to EJS was hosting a sunset run on Fins and Things. Yukon Gear and Axle sponsored the run and nearly 30 Jeeps attended! They donated 2 $100 gift certificates, air down tools, gloves, trasharoos, and a sweatshirt! Such a fun evening! A big storm was rolling in by the end and gusting winds encouraged us to leave the trail before the sun actually set – but a good time was had by all. It was my friend Aaron’s, who lead us that day, birthday so we celebrated with cupcakes on the trail in a windstorm! Definitely a memorable finale to the week of EJS!! Thank you to all who joined us for this beautiful trail!

We are already looking forward to next year! If you get the chance to go to Easter Jeep Safari, go! We highly recommend it!!